Gimmy Dicks Platinum Erotica Series: Volume 7, Gimmy Dicks
Gimmy Dicks

Gimmy Dicks Platinum Erotica Series: Volume 7

1 Free story included. Get 3 stories for the price of 2.

Hot Erotica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1.The Dirty Female Voyeur: A woman that gets turned on watching couples fuck convinces the young man next door to arrange a one night stand so she can watch him having sex. The woman gets so excited that when the girl leaves she gets the man hard again and lets him fuck her.

2.Three Cheerleaders In The Showers: A lesbian cheerleader couple becomes obsessed with the cute new girl that joins their team. They finally decide to see if they can have some fun with her and end up using her sexy little body in the showers after practice.

3.The Temps Big Tits: A boss gets excited by the big tits of the new temp that is drafted in to work for him for a week. She realizes how excited he is getting and teases him, before finally giving him a dirty tit fuck on her final day of work.
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