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Conversational German Dialogues For Beginners and Intermediate Students

Is your objective to learn conversations in German? Would you like to learn typical expressions and language spoken in Germany? If your answer to any of the previous questions is YES, then this book is your perfect companion!
It can be very frustrating when you cannot communicate with German people and trivial things can be a cause of major annoyance, especially when you cannot explain yourself using German. The best way to improve your German is reading a book from which you can learn realistic German conversations.
This book is designed to learn German conversations.
It contains 100 German short stories for beginners and intermediate students and allows new German speakers to hone their reading skills and learn typical expressions used in daily life.
* This book contains 100 German short stories
* Each story comes with an introduction in German.
* The German conversation is followed by an English translation.
The book is divided in three parts. The first 40 conversations are most suitable for beginners, each story is followed by simple learning questions. The next 40 short stories based on dialogue are more for intermediate students and those who are interested in reading good short stories with entertaining content. The last 20 short stories tend to be longer and are more for advanced students and those who need to expand their German vocabulary. In that sense the book offers the best of both worlds, combining a conversational German learning book for beginners and an entertaining German short story book for intermediate students.
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