Princess the Cat Liberates Paris, John Heaton
John Heaton

Princess the Cat Liberates Paris

Princess the Cat flies first-class to Paris!

(Book 4 in the Princess the Cat series.)

The same lurking dangers in America also threaten Paris… Rats! The King of Paris is not what he seems, and it may be too late.

From the heights of the Eiffel Tower, to the depths of the catacombs, and back to the tolling bells of the Notre Dame Cathedral, Princess the Cat must overcome more foes than ever before.

Will Princess the Cat rescue a crumbling monarchy as the winds of revolution blow? Will a horde of rats overrun Paris?

Princess the Cat Liberates Paris is the fourth in a series of middle grade novels for readers in grades 3–6. If you and your children like animals, action, and laughing yourselves silly, then you'll love John Heaton's perfect-for-all-ages series.

Buy Princess today to make story time hilarious fun for the whole family!
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