The Evolution of Human Wisdom, Ben Campbell, Celia Deane-Drummond, Marcus Baynes-Rock, Agustín Fuentes, Adam Willows, Craig Iffland, Dylan Belton, Jeremy Kendal, Julia Feder, Marc Kissel, Stewart Clem
Ben Campbell,Celia Deane-Drummond,Marcus Baynes-Rock,Agustín Fuentes,Adam Willows,Craig Iffland,Dylan Belton,Jeremy Kendal,Julia Feder,Marc Kissel,Stewart Clem

The Evolution of Human Wisdom

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This volume addresses key questions about the puzzle of human origins by focusing on a topic that is largely unexplored thus far, namely, the evolution of human wisdom. How can we best understand the human capacity for wisdom, where did it come from, and how did it emerge? It explores lines of convergence and divergence between Christian theology and evolutionary anthropology in its search to identify different aspects of wisdom. Critical to this discussion are the philosophical difficulties that arise when two very different methodological approaches to the manner of humans becoming wise are brought together. The relative importance and significance of human language is another area of intense debate in defining the meaning of wisdom and its expression. How far and to what extent does a theologically informed wisdom discourse push evolutionary anthropology to formulate new questions and vice versa?
This volume shows that there is no simple consonance between evolutionary anthropology and theology. Yet, each discipline has much to learn from the other; the authors are in agreement that even in the midst of an awareness of dissonance and some tension, there can still be mutual respect. The goal of this book is to begin to develop a trans-disciplinary approach to the evolution of human wisdom, where each discipline is challenged to ask questions in a new way. This volume tackles the relationship between theology and science in a fresh way by focusing on a specific theme—wisdom—that is equally generative for both theology and evolutionary anthropology.
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