John Hawkins

Dealing with Difficult People

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Are you dealing with a challenging person at work, at home, or in another part of your life?

We will always find people in our life, who we find difficult to deal with. These people trigger us, and we become reactive, negative and defensive. Eventually, we get completely drained of our energy. Does this sound familiar?

While you cannot change others, you can certainly ADAPT and CHANGE your own approach, to dealing with these people and situations.

This step-by-step guide, offers you the most insightful & practical approach, to confidently deal with difficult people.

What Will You Learn?

* Understand Why Some People Seem Hard To Deal With

* 10 Signs That You Are Dealing With A Challenging Person

* Discover Traits Of 6 Classic Types Of Difficult People

* Learn Specific Techniques To Deal With Each Type

* Develop The Ability To Maintain Your Emotional Balance

* Master Three Powerful Psychological Strategies

* Receive ‘Track Your Progress’ Worksheet

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