Parent Talk: How to Talk to Your Children So They Listen To You, Robert Clark
    Expectant: First Time Mom Pregnancy Guide, My Ebook Publishing House
    The Opposite of Spoiled, Ron Lieber
    The Rainbow Comes and Goes, Gloria Vanderbilt, Anderson Cooper
    Boundaries with Kids, Henry Cloud, John Townsend
    Kids, Parents, and Power Struggles, Mary Sheedy Kurcinka
    The Shared Wisdom of Mothers and Daughters, Alexandra Stoddard
    Raising Great Kids, Henry Cloud, John Townsend
    Potty Train in a Weekend, Becky Mansfield
    The 50 Main Rules of Parenting, Jane Adams
    Rookie Dad, David Jacobsen
    The Gift of Parenting. How to Give Children All They Need, Jane Adams
    What Every Child Needs, Carol Kuykendall, Elisa Morgan
    The Mother Dance, Harriet Lerner
    Allergy-Free Kids, Robin Nixon Pompa
    Instant Parenting, The INSTANT-Series
     No Ordinary Child: Unlocking the Leader Within Your Child, Denise Mira
    Parenting: A Crash Course in Stress Free Parenting, Paul J. Karp
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