Roger Federer: Portrait of an Artist, Christopher Jackson
    Just Show Up, James Dale, Cal Ripken Jr.
    Michael Jordan - In His Own Words, Geoffrey Giuliano
    Kobe Bryant: A League Of His Own, Steve James
    Confessions of a Basketball Junkie, Dirk Dunbar
    Chase Your Shadow, John Carlin
    Muhammad Ali - Spiritual Warrior, Geoffrey Giuliano
    The Keeper, Ali Benjamin, Tim Howard
    Solider of Love Muhammad Ali - Wit Wisdom & Truth, Geoffrey Giuliano
    Prince of the Court Michael Jordan - The Real Story, Geoffrey Giuliano
    A Game of Throws, Neil Adams MBE
    Kevin Durant: Rise Above And Shoot, The Kevin Durant Story, Steve James
    The Gift and the Curse "the Jeff Jackson Story", Jeff Jackson
    Mohamad Ali - A Tribute 2, Geoffrey Giuliano
    Mohamad Ali - A Tribute 1, Geoffrey Giuliano
    Babe Ruth - Baseball Legend, Geoffrey Giuliano
    Joe DiMaggio - American Hero, Geoffrey Giuliano
    Stephen Curry: A Sharpshooter's Journey to the NBA & Beyond, Steve James
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