Oprah: Love, Power and Passion, Raymond Sturgis
Fast N' Loud, Mark Dagostino, Richard Rawlings
American Titan, Marc Eliot
101 Amazing Facts about the Royal Family, Jack Goldstein
101 Amazing Facts about Eminem, Jack Goldstein, Frankie Taylor
101 Amazing Facts about Jane Austen, Jack Goldstein, Isabella Reese
Karl Marx - The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx
When The Hammer Falls Led Zeppelin - Untold Adventures, Geoffrey Giuliano
Karl Marx An Essay, Karl Marx
An Entrepreneur's Impact: A Memoir of Success, David Ewen
Janis Joplin - Rock of Ages, Geoffrey Giuliano
Be the Architect of Your Own Life, Peter L. Dwares
Somebody's Mother, Somebody's Daughter, Carol Ann Lee
Childhood , Leo Tolstoy
Amazing Tales for Making Men Out of Boys, Neil Oliver
The Longest Trip Home, John Grogan
Pops, Michael Chabon
Summer at Tiffany, Marjorie Hart
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