Elizabeth Snow

Instant Stress Reduction: Easily Handle Stress and Relieve Tension with Meditation and Affirmations

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For many of us in the modern world, stress seems to come at the most inconvenient times. You may have heard yourself saying, “I don’t have time to be stressed right now!” Because it’s often difficult to deal with stress in the moment it arrives, many people develop addictions or compulsive behaviors in order to numb themselves from stress. Thankfully, there are better ways to cope, without compromising your health.

This program has been designed to give you instant relief from emotional or mental strain in the healthiest ways possible.

This program can help you:

• Reduce your stress levels
• Relieve tension
• Easily handle whatever life throws at you

The audiobook includes one quick and effective meditation for stress reduction. Listen during any part of the day with your eyes closed.

Kiss your stress goodbye by learning mental tactics that will serve you in the long run. Break free from the hold that stress has on you so you can get on with your life.
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