Leia Hughey

Nothing Special. The True Story of Horses Inspiring Spiritual Awakening in the Most Unexpected of Ways

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Nothing Special is a book of change, healing, and a true story of horses inspiring spiritual awakenings in the most unexpected ways.
You have to be the biggest and best to stand out. At least, that's what our culture seems to believe. However, as psychologist Dr. Leia Hughey points out, we are all special and deserving of love, even if we are nothing special. Through the nonverbal communication with an ordinary horse, she and others were able to reveal unhealed psychic wounds and provide a context for change and transformation. Just people and horses. Nothing special, really, but what a difference it made. A pristine beauty exists slightly beneath the surface of our perception and can be found when love is recognized in the ordinary, enjoying one another for no particular reason. In Nothing Special, you will see how interpersonal, interspecies interactions changed the world for a handful of people.
Narrated by Stan Welsh.
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