Web Developer (Javascript, React)

About our project

Bookmate.com is a subscription-based digital library and also a beautiful reader that you can use to read your own .epub and .fb2 books. We are most proud of our recommendation mechanism that adapts to user’s reading preferences and of our social component that allows users to leave reviews, make friends, give likes and comments, save and share quotes from favorite books and much more.

Our website is accompanied by two apps (iOS and Android), a huge backend code base and a plethora of services that allow us to manage external partnerships and work on the stability of our ecosystem.

Our tech stack on web is:

  • React (+ Redux), Next
  • TypeScript
  • Stylus, Styled Components
  • Node, Express

About our processes

Our development teams follow the best practices of creating high-quality software:

Continuous integration. Automatic code builds are run for every commit made to any repository branch.

Code review. Any code change will be reviewed by at least two randomly chosen teammates.

Collective code ownership. Any member of the team can make the necessary changes to any part of the system.

DevOps. Our DBA/SRE engineers work in close proximity to our developers and are always ready to help.

About you

We’re waiting for you to join our team! To make this collaboration as long and productive as possible, please consider our requirements for the position:

  • Main stack: fluency in JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Frameworks: proficiency with React or other JavaScript frameworks
  • Experience with testing and deploying of web applications
  • Knowledge of SEO basics and cross-browser compatibility
  • Ability to pursue and understand business-related goals. We won’t push you to sit in on various meetings. But we believe that the most high-quality work can be done when you understand the sense of what you’re doing. Hence the ability to learn how our business works and what problems we are dealing with on a daily basis.
  • Proven experience of closely communicating and collaborating with the design team to create the most beautiful product. Willingness to invest in design decisions.
  • A good level of written English (ideally, closer to B2). Being able to speak is a huge bonus. As an international company, we communicate in English.

Bonus points and kudos from our side, if you have:

  • A website portfolio including some of your work that you’re able to share
  • Any experience in UI/UX design and a creative approach to business-related tasks
  • Some experience in developing for digital-related businesses (e-com, content distribution, marketing or design agencies, etc..)
  • Any experience in developing complex, beautiful and, most importantly, understandable interfaces, such as creative data visualization, pages containing different types of content (illustrations, video, interactive elements, etc..)
  • Any experience or interest in adapting web projects for animation and motion design

Our hiring process

Like what you see? We’re glad to hear that. Our hiring process is very simple:

  • Send your CV and/or a portfolio of projects to hr@bookmate.com. A hiring manager will contact you and invite you for a quick screening interview by Google Meet or Zoom (appr. 30 minutes). We’ll talk about your previous experiences and answer any questions about Bookmate as a company.
  • If the screening interview goes well, you’ll be invited to a technical interview with CTO and/or your future team members.
  • After the technical interview, no more than 1 week passes before we’re ready to share the final decision with you.

Frequently asked questions

Is Bookmate an international company?

Yes, we’re working on European, Latin American and Asian markets. Our team is international and distributed all over the world.

Does Bookmate offer any options for relocation?

We’re currently offering the option to relocate to Belgrade, Serbia. If you’re willing to relocate, we can provide you with the details of what exactly can we do to make this process easier. Unfortunately, we can’t help you with relocation to another country.

Does Bookmate support remote work?

Yes, but you should be available during typical CET working hours. If you’re close to one of our offices, you’re very welcome to come work in it.

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